Our Research

Our laboratory investigates strongly corelated electron system in order to develop "New Functional Materials". Now it is well-known that superconductivity is related to magnetism. Various and interesting phenomenans are expected in this field. Therefore our laboratory focuses on 4 themes. Now let us introduce them.


1. Development and Evaluation of New Superconductors
We develop new high temperature oxide superconductors in the viewpoint of electric state and physical properties in copper oxide superconductors. For the purpose of application in superconductive wire, we also develop new intermetallic superconductors.

2. Low-dimenstional Quasi-spin System
We investigate R2BaNi5 system (A = Sr, Pb), which are proved to be Halden materials for the purpose of investigating the physical properties in quasi-dimensional quantum spin system.

3. Evaluation of Physical Properties in mu-SR method
We investigate the voertex state and origin of superconductors, using mu-SR method. In addition, we also investigate origin of magnetism.

4. Direct Observation of Orbital Ordering in Polarized Neutron Diffraction method
Transition metal oxide compounds show us various physical properties, controlled by degrees of freedom in "electron", "spin" and "orbital". Many investigations have proved that orbital degrees of freedom play an important role. Moreover some rare-earth compounds are also controlled by orbital ordering. Therefore we have investigated the orbital ordering using neutron diffraction technique.