Our laboratory investigates strongly corelated electron system in order to develop "New Functional Materials". The achievements are presented in papers and conferences. Therefore let us introduce our laboratory in order to know what we did and what we will do.


1. Our Study
Now it is well-known that superconductivity is related to magnetism. Various and interesting phenomenans are expected in this field. Therefore our laboratory focuses on 4 themes. Now let us introduce them.

2. Published Papers
Our laboratory presents variety of papers concerning superconductors and magnetism. let us introduce our published papers.

3. Presentation in Academic Conferences
For the purpose of expanding the viewpoints in the study, every member reports experimental result at the academic conferences. Here let us introduce prof. Akimitsu's invited speeches.

4. Experimental Equipments
For the purpose of developing new materials, we perform various experiments with various equipments. So let us introduce experimental equipments in our laboratory.

5. COE (21st Century Center of Excellence)
In 2002 Aoyama Gakuin University had the honor of being chosen to be included in the Japanese government]initiated 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program. Prof. Akimitsu is the program leader.